keelsdale park
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+ Comments keelsdale park - 2009-10-04 14:38:22
From awhile ago. I guess my first negative drain experience, as I stumbled into a shit storage tank completely unprepared.

This picture sort of hides the design of the drain, so here's a quick explaination:

To the left, you see a half wall. Over the half wall is a 40 foot drop into the bottom. The water coming out from the RCP that frames this shot drops into this small chamber, which has a drain down the middle that drops the aforementioned 40 feet to the bottom. The gradual curve at the bottom creates an awesome noise as the water drops, at the same time, preventing erosion of the concrete. To the right are 6 or 7 tall single ladder chambers that run the length of the 40 feet. A weird design, for sure.