name dropping
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+ Comments name dropping - 2009-08-27 16:22:20
I once got accused of dropping the name of a 'valuable location'.. in which, having dropped the name, would compromise the integrity of the said location. I think that's stupid. Not to mention the location was sub par, losers. Lucky for me, I don't remember the name of this location, but I bet it was something nice.

Ask me what my number one pet peeve in photography is, and it won't be HDR, hard flash photos, or even deselective saturation. No, it's actually.. off lines, as seen in this photo. It's frustrating beyond belief to compose photos through my tiny viewfinder, spend 2 minutes lining it up.. take the photo, check the LCD, think it's okay, go home, upload, and then notice how I was a mile off of having straight verticals. Rages me SO hard.