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+ Comments updates - 2010-07-11 15:13:22
It's quite apparent that things have slowed down considerably in the recent months, as you've been left with filler without context. The beginnings of employment have severely domesticated my schedule and energy, mixed in with injured friends, and competing schedules have kept me from the underground, and as a result, updating this website.

Anyway, I have a few updates to tell you about. First off, my colleague, and a huge motivator, Michael from the Vanishing Point has released a brand new website. What once was the most informative website on Toronto-based underground, has just become a mecca of information pertaining to both the physical and sociological aspects of the underground, and how it affects our day to day lives as Torontonians. Of particular interest is his recent article of his examination of the recent Enwave arrests and how it was both mishandled by the media, and the need for security in the first place.

On July 24th, Jon Muldoon, and I (with Michael's photography in lieu of himself), will be present at the New Bloor Street Festival representing the Garrison Creek Photography Group, as we aim to add a contemporary (and literal) look at Toronto's infamous buried creek. So drop on by and say hello, perhaps purchase an 8x12 print, or just listen to us ramble about the history and exploration of Garrison Creek. More information to come when we know what will be happening.

That's about all for now. Enjoy some more East Toronto goodies.